Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Canal Systems In Upstate New York

This is a unique trail experience that is hands on for students. We will hike the BREIA trail on the Black River Canal and examine a historic lock. The Black River Canal system incorporated one of the first multi-lock canal systems to help transport over higher elevations.

The first half of the hike is a 1 mile hike through the 4 lock system. The second half of the hike is a nature based experience to an uncharted waterfall on the system. Overall this hike is roughly 2 miles. The entire experience will be 5 hrs.

The trip will cost 25.00. The child will need water, snacks, and nourishment as parents see fit. The trip will provide on one on 5 teaching experience for the children.

Content Knowledge: NYS History of Canals Systems - Social Studies General Science activities including general engineering and life systems.

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